Hips & Butt Enlargement

  • Bella Breast & Butt Enlargement Cream

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    Our unique cream formulation is absorbed very quickly in to the breasts to penetrate deeply allowing maximal results, applied directly to the target tissues. The end result is a visible firming and enhancing of the breasts which can also help with sagging breasts by strengthening and lifting the tissues.

    Direction of usage:

    Apply a suitable amount of cream on your palm, with your warm hand, massage it around your breast in a circular motion until the cream is fully absorbed. Apply it twice per day for better result.

    Some people will have the feeling of warm and “itchy” after applying, it is normal as Kigeline is functioning

    Main ingredients:  Extract of Kigeline, Extract of green papaya and Pueraria Mirifica

    Caution: NOT suitable for pregnant women


  • QIANSOTO Abundant Hips Lifting Cream

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    Do you have those saggy boobs or flat butt you are not proud of? , then this lifting fast cream   and Hip lifter from the stable of Aichun Beauty is all you need to make your breast firm and elastic, and butt

    This cream promotes the blood circulation and reinforce the under drops in the breast and hips, improve the skin elasticity  stretch the fiber connectivity tissue, making the droopy breast to plump, firm and elastic, shaping your breast and butt round and naturally beautiful

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  • Super exclusive Lotus Essential Oil For Butt Hip Oil

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    Super exclusive Lotus Essential Oil For Butt Hip Oil has an amazing ability on the body and can encourage lipid and fat cell creation/expansion also reducing stretch marks gradually, within the elastic limit of the maximum degree of fullness, upright may promote development, plump, but do not make the body fat, on the contrary, consume excess body fat has increased to the role of the chest, and lobular hyperplasia can be improved, commonly used to enhance the breast and buttocks know more of this unique oil google its name and functions very potent and must be mixed with either a body cream or oil

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